Fire Mountain is home to more artists than you would suspect. Some of us are retired and have painted or collaged for years. Others are still working, and making art at night. And we all have friends, nephews and daughters-in-law who come to our studios and work side-by-side. We’d love to meet other artists, musicians and writers who live in Fire Mountain—and we are organizing a free event to introduce ourselves and  to meet our neighbors.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. David Folz Says:

    My wife, Kathleen and I have resided at 2385 Fire Mountain for fifteen years and have just now found this website. Kathleen is an artist and I am an author and we look forward to this event.

  2. auntkristy Says:

    I am so pleased you found us. That is exactly what this event (the show) and this website are for–bringing neighbors together and learning more about who we are and what we want Fire Mountain to be. See you tomorrow!
    Kris Nelson

  3. Hi everyone! We are neighbors down the hill. My husband Carl and I live at 1354 Cornish Dr for 14 years too. I am an artist and my husband my support. Would love to meet all of you.

  4. Rick Orlando Says:

    Our recent garage sale is responsible for us learning about this website. Thanks Kristy! My wife, Sally, and I have lived at 2460 Fire Mountain since 1983. Sally likes to garden and I am a wood sculptor who teaches PoliSci at El Camino High School. It has been a long time since I have been part of an artist community.

  5. auntkristy Says:

    Hi Rick! Funny how we can live so close for so long and know each other’s dogs better than we do each other. Lydia (my Ridgeback) is my studio guarddog–I make encaustic (hot wax) paintings in the winter and collage and acrylic paintings in the summer. If you are interested in showing your wood sculptures, the Friends of Fire Mountain sale will be November 7th. I’ll set up a meet-up of the artists who have shown interest early in September–and will let you know where and when.

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